About the Logo – We Are All Immigrants Invited By the First Nations


As a student of Canadian migration history and someone who has the privilege of practicing law on traditional, unceded Aboriginal Territory, I think it is important that we do not forget that we are all guests and immigrants by our very nature of being here.

Going back, Canada’s First Nations peoples are the first descendants to the country and the land and it is through their generations of hard work and sacrifice that much of modern day Canada was paved.

Canada was also unfortunately complicit in the cultural genocide of First Nations peoples and today many communities are suffering with its severe repercussions.

The same attitude that was taken with the First Nations peoples was also applied to new immigrants from the Orient. Individuals and families were head taxed, ships were returned, peoples were banished – and lives were severely devastated by a majority cultural unwilling to open its doors to accept those who were different.

Vancouver Immigration Blog is an attempt to change this narrative. We will be highlighting the First Nations community in several positive ways and we are committed to working together to inspire the next generation of youth to fight against oppression and racism.

May we never forget.



3 thoughts on “About the Logo – We Are All Immigrants Invited By the First Nations”

  1. Right on! As an immigrant, what’s your said inclines me to be thankful for what I had so far. I think we had the same feeling toward our roots, and we will never forget the history that how we fight against oppression and racism.

  2. I just saw your legal website via 2015 Awards of Clawbles. I’m very impressed by your suggestion. you just push the envelope!

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