How Do I Start A Career In Immigration?

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There are many possible pathways to pursuing a career in immigration.

1. Go to Law School

I went to law school at the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law where we were fortunate to have great professors and a variety of courses within immigration. Students in the Lower Mainland go to law schools across the country. Within the province, I would suggest that the Peter A. Allard School of Law at UBC, the University of Victoria Faculty of Law, and Thompson Rivers University Faculty of Law are all great schools. There is not a ‘bad law school’ in the country and even if you train overseas at another law school and come over as an NCA, there is a demand for your legal services.

2. Become an RCIC /RISIA Consultant

There are several fantastic and gifted consultants in the industry many who have chosen to dedicate their practices solely to immigration and helping others. In order to be an authorized representative for immigration and a consultant. Currently the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council is the regulatory body, but this is shifting now to the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants.

In order to become an RCIC/RISIA it is required that you pass the licensing test. There are now two authorized post-graduate programs that can lead you to the licensing exam. The first is the Graduate Diploma Program at Queen’s University (for English language instruction) and the second is at the Université de Montréal (for French language instruction). I have several colleagues teaching for these programs.

Personally, I have been an instructor for several courses at the University of British Columbia’s Certificate in Immigration Law, Policies, and Procedures and have also taught at Ashton College.

3. Just Dive In – Through Your Lived Experiences

Many individuals jump into immigration through their work in international studies, politics, formerly as lawyers in their home countries – you name it. Immigration is truly a field where your experiences from your own countries, your knowledge of languages, and even your own immigration stories all become assets that help you better understand the clients you work with. Lived experience of being an immigrant, the product of immigrants, or just someone who is in tune with the immigrant struggle is so valuable!

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