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The beautiful logo you see on this page was hand-drawn and vectored by local Coast Salish artist Diamond Point.


I reached out to Ms. Point after seeing her work for the University of British Columbia and realized we also shared a social network going back to when we were undergraduate students at UBC.


Artist Statement

1. The Salmon:

In Coast Salish culture, the salmon symbolizes instinct, determination and persistence. The Salmon also represents the symbol of abundance and wealth, as well as prosperity because it is the primary food source for Coast Salish people. Salmon is the provider of life. Also having a salmon depicted in pairs represents good luck. Also the shape of the circle in coast Salish art represents life itself. I have done two salmon in a circle shape to represent this idea of good luck and as well to represent a prosperous life. All five types of salmon run through our waters, which I thought was neat to incorporate with diversity. They also travel great distances together.
*Fun Fact: Salmon also brings people together, especially within potluck ceremonies and feasts. (In Musqueam, We always hold a big salmon feast on our National Indigenous people’s day celebration, which is always open to anyone of indigenous and non-indigenous backgrounds).

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