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Dear Friends.

My name is Will Tao and I am a Barrister and Solicitor practicing exclusively in the field of Canadian Immigration and Refugee Law.

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My goal with this blog is to create a positive space for all things immigrant and all things Vancouver.  As you will see from the left-hand menu there are several sub-blogs that delve into sub-areas of my academic and personal interest.

All of the above blogs are supported by amazing writers such as yourselves. To submit a piece for this blog (or if you need immigration advice) please email me at will@edelmann.ca 


Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Will Tao,

6 thoughts on “Welcome to Vancouver’s Immigration Blog”

  1. Hi, Will. Keep writing and inspiring us! You are an accountable immigration lawyer who really handles tough works very well. Moreover, you’ve been being a real honest and generous friend for me.

  2. I just finished recording a new Episode for the Canadian Immigration Podcast. I had the pleasure of inviting Will to join me to talk about life as a Young Immigration Lawyer. It was awesome. If you ever wanted to know why someone would choose the practice of immigration law, you have to listen to Will’s story…..in just one word – inspiring!

  3. I found Larlee Rosenberg after deep search on internet when I had a complex scenario and my immigration process was stuck. I was impressed with this firm when I found a solution to my situation on a blog maintained by one of the lawyers of this firm. I had shot an email to many law firms and I found answer by this firm more convincing.

    I find my experience with this firm so far truly amazing. Mr.Will Tao who is handling my case is exceptional in his profession. He is very sincere, committed, pays high level of attention into details, always maintains good communication and moreover, he has in-depth knowledge in this field. He is affordable considering the work he has done for me so far. I and my family are just one step away from COPR.

    I highly recommend this firm, especially Mr. Will for anyone seeking for migration to Canada, especially if confronted with an issue.

  4. Job is the most difficult thing to get from Canada, where even after getting it is difficult to hold it until you get into Canada, if rodney asset gold told my advisor for migration told me earlier about this ,then I would understand the situation, but he didn’t, he used a job in Vancouver and got the visa and after I got visa he got me a totally different job in nova scotia.

  5. I was stuck in a terrible situation after getting my ITA. I haven’t submitted but the response I got was relieving. I recommend Will for those issues that look tough.

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