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Navigating Canadian Immigration Law Resources can be a struggle. I know. I was in charge of updating the Firm on several updates in Canada and it can be like picking through a minefield.

On this page I will endeavour to post some good immigration resources for people to consult. Do note, as per my main page disclaimer, that the information is to be consulted at your own risk and my referral does not constitute legal advice.

Heavily Recommended Immigration Law Blogs

  • Steven Meurrens Meurrens on Immigration  – Steve is my colleague, mentor, and friend and in my humblest and non-biased opinion the best young (under 35) immigration  lawyer in Canada. His website is a go-to guide on almost every topic in Canadian immigration law.
  • Rosenberg on Immigration Rosenberg on Immigration – Ryan was my Articling Principal and is the Firm’s Managing Partner. Insane level of detail-orientation and the #1 lawyer I’d call for any corporate-related immigration work.
  • Raj Sharma – Raj is the Calgary-based partner of Stewart Sharma Harsanyi Calgary Immigration Law Firm. He is an entertaining and very passionate writer. He’ll provide a lot of good commentary in many important areas of immigration law.
  • Mario D. Bellissimo – Mario (or Super Mario has I have nicknamed him) is a Canadian immigration law heavyweight and one of the top 5 lawyers in the country. I consult his textbooks and papers religiously.

Legislative Updates via Canada Gazette

  • If you want to know what the latest changes are to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and Regulations I recommend you follows the Canada Gazette on a bi-weekly basis. Part 1 = proposed legislation; Part 2 = coming into force; See:

Citizenship and Immigration Canada Program Delivery Updates

Express Entry Ministerial Instructions (Latest CRS scores and # of Applicants Invited to Apply)

Some Useful Operational Bulletins and Manuals

Federal Court Case Law

Pro-Bono Immigration Services in British Columbia

  • Access Pro Bono – I am a Summary Clinic Lawyer with Access Pro Bono and assist several clients who do not have the financial resources to afford full legal services. Please see and contact them for assistance
  • Legal Services Society B.C. – This organization provides and administers legal aid, particularly on files that may require more than summary advice 
  • Law Students Legal Advice Program – Excellent pro-bono advice provided by top class law students and capable program coordinators:

Great Links on Canadian Immigration in General

  • Anything  written by Nicholas Keung automatically goes to my favourite list. Check out his pieces for the Toronto Star at:
  • New Canadian Media is doing great things to spread news and awareness to new immigrants. It is also a publication I have been fortunate to be featured in:
  • MOSAIC is great resource for those looking for career services and translation services among other settlement services they offer:
  • I can’t say enough about Marco Campana and his creativity in examining how to spread the Canadian Immigration dialogue, particularly through the use of technology: 

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