Representative Work

My practice is 50% litigation, 50% solicitor’s work (each informing each other).

I have listed all my matters below. There are some cases that we were successful some

Federal Court (in progress)

  • Counsel in the successful judicial review of Li v. Canada 2018 (unpublished decision) – finding request letter process of IRCC not procedurally fair;
  • Counsel in the matter of Zhang v. Canada (MCI) 2018 FC 502 – regarding access to interpretation;
  • Assisting senior counsel in consistently receiving leave for judicial review (currently granted in only 30%-38% of cases nationally);
  • Successfully obtaining consent in a case involving email instructions apparently sent by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, but not received;
  • Successfully obtaining consent in cases involving misrepresentation, study permits, and post graduate work permits; and
  • Assisting in the submissions and preparing hearing of a case of an Applicant who was issued removal order for residing in Canada as a permanent resident without a permanent resident visa. Crafted argument based on dual intent [judgment pending].

Immigration Appeal Division (Update in Progress)

Immigration Division (Update in Progress)

  • Counsel in over a dozen successfully resolved Immigration Appeal Division matters including, Wolf v Canada (Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness), 2016 CanLII 90976 (CA IRB), <>
  • Assisted in preparation of client interviews, supporting documents, and disclosures for successful residency, criminality, and spousal sponsorship appeals;
  • Assisted in preparing submissions for Alternative Dispute Resolution;
  • Researched case law in support of counsel’s successful submission re: humanitarian and compassionate considerations for Canadian who unknowingly was not a Canadian citizen;

Refugee Protection Division

Solicitor’s Work

  • Assisting several NAFTA Professional Applicants in obtaining Work Permits;
  • Assisting several BC PNP applicants in preparing their applications to obtain a nomination and their applications for permanent residence;
  • Assisting a notable Canadian in obtaining a C10 Significant Benefits Work Permit;
  • Assisting several Canadian companies in obtaining positive-LMIA opinions;
  • Assisting a leading Canadian university in advising on Canadian immigration law advice to its international students;
  • Assisting in the application for and renewal of permanent resident cards;
  • Assisting in several Applications for Canadian Citizenship;
  • Assisting in the preparation of several Express Entry Applications including creating a firm-wide application template;
  • Assisting several applicants in obtaining Temporary Resident Visas;
  • Assisting applicants in applying for work permit extensions and open-bridging work permits; and
  • Assisting applicants in applying for criminal rehabilitation and temporary resident permits.



I am also very active in the media (print/radio) and in providing presentations.

Past articles/news stories I have been quoted on are listed below:

As voters ponder immigration, we delve into the facts (The Simi Sara Show, CKNW980, 2019)

Canada Says “No!” to billboards against mass immigration (Charles Adler Tonight, CKNW980, 2019)

The Early Edition w/Stephen Quinn (CBC, 2019)

Liberal Candidate in Burnaby byelection steps aside after singling out Singh’s race (Canadian Press, 2019)

Liberal candidate’s WeChat post draws criticism for singling out race of byelection opponent Jagmeet Singh (Van/Tor Star, 2019)

加移民部:如无法证明“积极学习”学生签证或不保 (China News, 2019)

移民部審批學生簽證新指引 留學生轉學原因納考慮因素 未符合「積極學習」 簽證隨時不保 (Ming Pao, 2019)

Richmond Hospital is ground zero for the skyrocketing number of women coming to Canada to give birth, study indicates (Van/Tor Star, 2018)

Subway Aldergrove whistle-blowers sound the alarm over alleged immigration violations (Global News, 2018)

B.C. moves to crack down on shady recruiters of temporary foreign workers (Van/Tor Star, 2018)

Residency delays could be bad news for country dependent on immigration (Van/Tor Star, 2018)

Vote-buying allegations in Metro Vancouver elections could lead to erosion of trust, racist backlash, experts say (Van/Tor Star, 2018)

Immigrants and visitors to Canada working for free a common occurrence, lawyers say (Van/Tor Star, 2018)

社交网络现“打工”线索 留加学生兄弟齐遭遣返 (Chinese Bridge News, 2018)

加拿大出现针对中国留学生新型诈骗 假招聘骗顾问费 (Chinese Bridge News, 2018)

‘Crying your guts out’: some international student fear seeking help for burnout (CBC, 2017)

Why women are coming to Canada just to give birth (Chatelaine/Macleans 2017)

How to lose the ability to sponsor your boyfriend to come to Canada (Polestar, 2017)

History shows racism has always been a part of Vancouver real estate (Georgia Strait, 2016)

Is ‘birth tourism’ a problem in Canada? Doctors on frontline of debate (CTV News)

趕加旅遊生子愈演愈烈 加拿大政府被吁修法 (Epoch Times, 2016)

  • Presentations have been given to organizations such as:
    • Canadian Bureau of International Education
    • Continuing Legal Education, B.C.
    • Dignidad Migrante
    • CAPIC
    • IMEDA
    • Cornell University
    • HULT International Business School
    • University of Canada West
    • LaSalle College
    • Vancouver Film School
    • Douglas College
    • University of British Columbia
    • MOSAIC
    • U.C.C.E.S.S.

Original Pieces

Listening to Our International Students (Asia Pacific Post, 2017)

Nine reasons to think twice about being sponsored by a Canadian partner(Polestar, 2017)

From Marriage Fraud to Marriage Breakdown(Asia Pacific Post, 2017)

Name Calling in Vancouver (New Canadian Media, 2016)

An Open Letter on the Family Reunification File (New Canadian Media, 2015)

Media Must Be Cautious Covering Individual Immigration Cases (New Canadian Media, 2015)

Strengthening Canadian Citizenship: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (New Canadian Media, 2015)

“It May Be Too Late to Repent: Immigration, Tax, and Privacy Concerns in the Context of New Proposed Changes to Social Insurance (SIN) Number Sharing”, Canada’s Immigration and Citizenship Bulletin (June 2015).

This “Sham Marriage” Sounds Like Mine (New Canadian Media, 2015)

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