Representative Work

I am a young lawyer who is building my base of experience. Here is a snapshot of the files I have worked on thus far:

  • Assisting several NAFTA Professional Applicants in obtaining Work Permits;
  • Assisting several BC PNP applicants in preparing their applications to obtain a nomination and their applications for permanent residence;
  • Assisting a notable Canadian in obtaining a C10 Significant Benefits Work Permit;
  • Assisting several Canadian companies in obtaining positive-LMIA opinions;
  • Assisting a leading Canadian university in advising on Canadian immigration law advice to its international students;
  • Assisting in the application for and renewal of permanent resident cards;
  • Assisting in several Applications for Canadian Citizenship;
  • Assisting in the preparation of several Express Entry Applications including creating a firm-wide application template;
  • Assisting several applicants in obtaining Temporary Resident Visas;
  • Assisting applicants in applying for work permit extensions and open-bridging work permits; and
  • Assisting applicants in applying for criminal rehabilitation and temporary resident permits.

Additionally, Will has developed a particular interest in immigration appeals and cases before the Federal Court of Canada including:

Federal Court

  • Assisting senior counsel in consistently receiving leave for judicial review (currently granted in only 30%-38% of cases nationally);
  • Successfully obtaining consent in a case involving email instructions apparently sent by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, but not received;
  • Successfully obtaining consent in cases involving misrepresentation, study permits, and post graduate work permits; and
  • Assisting in the submissions and preparing hearing of a case of an Applicant who was issued removal order for residing in Canada as a permanent resident without a permanent resident visa. Crafted argument based on dual intent [judgment pending].

Immigration Appeal Division

  • Assisted in preparation of client interviews, supporting documents, and disclosures for successful residency, criminality, and spousal sponsorship appeals;
  • Assisted in preparing submissions for Alternative Dispute Resolution;
  • Researched case law in support of counsel’s successful submission re: humanitarian and compassionate considerations for Canadian who unknowingly was not a Canadian citizen;

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