#Clawbies2015 – My Three Nominations

This year, thanks to the emergence of Canadian Immigration Law (hashtag: #cdnimm) as a major policy and election issue, I made my accidental entry into the blogging world. I know the path was paved by amazing bloggers before me, that deserve their credit for being fantastic resources – for their clients and for the interest of the public.

The three blogs I have nominated I read at least several times a week and keep me engaged and passionate about the practice of law.

My Nominations

1. Paul Daly’s Administrative Law Matters – I was only introduced to this blog less than a month ago but I have been religiously reading Professor Daly‘s analysis in this area. I think any practitioner that does tribunal work or Federal court work should read Paul before drafting their arguments.  In my mind, blog of the year.

2. Stewart Sharma Harsanyi Calgary Immigration Law Firm Blog – This blog could fit a couple of categories. The firm itself is doing great work out in Alberta. I think what makes Firm Partner and Lead Writer Raj Sharma‘s writing stand apart is that he interlaces his excellent legal analysis with literature and popular culture interpretations. If not best Practice Group blog, I would put this as one of the best blogs for non-lawyers to read as well for its ability to connect to those of all levels of immigration knowledge.

3. Meurrens on Immigration – I consider Meurrens on Immigration (written by my mentor and colleague, Steven Meurrens) to be the bible on immigration. He’s been quietly (but prominently) doing his thing since 2010. A still very young call (just over 5 if I remember correctly), he is already Chair of the CBABC’s Immigration Section and has been counsel of several important Federal Court decisions.  Steve’s blog adds value by providing the results of several access to information requests he coordinates with lawyers and consultants across the country. His work is truly ground breaking.

Those our my nominations. Best of luck to all the #Clawbies2015 participants!




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