Inspiration from the Kid’s Room on an Executive Retreat


Greetings from Big White Ski Resort.  Specifically, greetings from the bottom bunk of the kids room on the bottom floor. Before you jump to conclusions, I did not get forced into selecting this room. There were more than enough rooms to go around and I could have chosen the Queen B. However, something about me (at the tender age of 28) being the youngest member of the FACL BC executive made it seem right that I take dibs on the kids’ room.

It has been a very reflective trip. For the first time in awhile, I’ve had time to listen and observe to other’s share their stories without needing to contemplate my own role as a lawyer (to my clients), or husband (to my wife), or son/brother. Although, l will have to admit to many here I do indeed feel like a younger sibling.

I have also been able to have intimate conversations with own mentors and colleagues who have experienced the hardships and challenges of being a young lawyer with mature responsibilities. One of the lawyers at this retreat has started two non-profits and is widely considered one of the most promising Asian lawyers in the country, a future L’Expert Rising Star, no doubt. Another, is in the midst of swimming against the current of traditional progression to pursue her own, independent God-directed journey. A third, is the face of success at what he does and still can share with me the seeds of discontent and the yearning for a more purpose-driven career.

To the young lawyers and students, the bottom of the bunk bed sleepers (such as myself), this is an important lesson. Even those who on the outside may emanate and define “success”, may inside be very much soul searching like you are. The reality is that life in law is not like the Super Mario games of your childhood where levels must be beaten to progress to newer worlds. Indeed, some levels, if played too many times without success can lead to the slowly diminishing of mushrooms, necessary for longevity.

How do we keep the proverbial flame alive particularly in a time when the economic pressures and forces are putting profits over people, product over process.

How do we commit to taking places meaningful to our visions for our legal careers (and further more, entire careers)? How do we make our mark in ways that we are proud of looking back and can positively influence others to build their own trails? How do we live a life that truly focuses on what is important to each of us individually rather than what others want us to believe is important?

Some questions I’m considering from my bottom bunk.

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