Race was Yesterday’s Problem (An Immigration-Themed Poem)

Screenshot from FreeDictionary

Race was yesterday’s problem

We’ve apologized to you people

Made promises we (somewhat) still try to keep

How many thousands more dollars do you need?

They are your grandma’s pains of yesterday

Why today do they run so deep?

We’re a Charter-abiding nation

We’re multicultural not racist

To demonstrate we’re impartial at decisions;

Look at the way we do our overseas missions

We focus on geography, on fraud, on intention

Race or ethnicity is nowhere in mention

Our locally-engaged staff can apply what they know (because, they know)

Our processing times – they ebb and they flow

We need to vet certain applicants more

Historically, there are issues with certain communities

We’re not directly saying that whiteness is immunity (at least we can’t write this down)

But how do we not know these kids are not yours (without a DNA test)?

How do we know this bank account isn’t hiding that your poor (tell me where your parents invest)?

How do we know you aren’t just here to give birth?

How do we we know you aren’t hiding your net worth?

These networks you people have – always cheating the system;

That’s why we need AI – ‘impartial (white male)’ algorithms;

We’re an institution of transparency – like a light filtering prism

You bring your stories and we turn them into study of ‘-isms’

If you are palatable, we keep you out of our prisons;

If you are exceptional, we might milk you for your wisdom;

For most of you, frankly, you are better off hidden

Live your life on ‘our’ land – just consider yourself winning

We’ll take care of politics, of decisions, of direction

We’ll find you once every four years when we’re having elections

And what is this you tell me about the ‘intersections’

Is that at the mailing address you are always hiding your taxes?

Stop blaming racism, playing that card

Overanalyzing Blackness, Othello’s role in the Bard

Just assimilate to the way we do things, go pick up a hockey stick.

Tell us what your watching on Netflix?

Sh*t – like your food smell on the bus.

Why are you putting up such fuss?

About your racialized self (even Google knows it ain’t a word)

Race was yesterday’s problem

But it’s todays for everyone else


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