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Exciting Announcement Vancouver! – After Hours/House Call Immigration Legal Services Beginning September 2016


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Over the past two years of meeting hundreds of potential clients, one common theme has come up time and time again – lawyer hours don’t work for the working class immigrant.

You often have a difficult time getting time off form their employers, you worry about losing valuable pay-time, and your immigration plans are often thing you would rather not discuss during work hours.

That is why I will be offering Vancouver’s first after hours immigration service. I will see clients after 5pm when most law firm’s close their doors and on Saturdays when you and your family finally has a second to breathe from a stressful 9-5, Mon to Fri. I also can see you during lunch hour if that is your preferred strategy.

For those that would prefer to discuss immigration in the comfort of their own home, I will also offer limited house calls with a simple booking process.


Virtual Meetings

Do I need to be in Vancouver? Is it easier to find someone in my local community?

Canadian immigration has evolved these days where I would estimate 65-70% of the work I do are for clients not currently in the city. There are so many ways for us to communicate virtually and share in real-time documents and information that may affect your application.


I look forward to continuing to serve you better 🙂